Policies, Procedures & Tuition Fees


REGISTRATION FEE/PROCEDURE: Priority discounted registration fee is $25 per student until June 30. After June 30, the fee is $35. After open house/formal registration (the first Saturday in August), a $10 late fee is applied. Family Registration fee is $50. This fee holds the student’s position in class only until the first month’s tuition is due. All registration fees are non-refundable for any reason. Existing Customers (returning SDC students) log into the Parent Portal to enroll in Summer Camps and/or Fall classes. New students register with our New Student Registration online form. Registration forms may be printed and mailed with payment, if preferred.  

PARENT PORTAL:  For your convenience, SDC offers an online parent portal for existing customers.  The link is in the top menu of the home page of our website.  This is a private and secure account.  From the parent portal, you can register for summer camps, enroll in classes for the new dance year, make online tuition and costume payments, register for special studio events, see and print your child's schedule and much more.  SDC Parents are expected to log in regularly (with the email address we have on file) to see important studio announcements.  All emails sent by the studio are logged and kept in the parent portal for easy reference.  Instructions on how to log in are available upon registration.  

SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES:  SDC has Facebook and Instagram pages.  Parents are encouraged to follow these pages to stay up to date with important studio business, events and announcements.  Reminders of deadlines and class cancellations are always posted on our social media pages.  

SCHEDULES: Our yearly studio master schedule will be finalized AFTER open house/formal registration.  The class days/times listed before this finalization are from the previous year's session and are subject to change.   Student's individual final schedules will be available before classes begin via the Parent Portal.  Parents will be notified via email when the master schedule has been finalized.  Instructions for logging into your secure account in the Parent Portal will be available upon registration. Please be sure a working email address that you check daily is on file with your registration form.

DANCE TOPS: all students will be required to purchase a dance top to be worn as a costume for the annual Christmas show, NC Yam Festival Parade, and the annual spring recital finale. These tops must be sized during open house/formal registration and ordered by the student's parents no later than September 14.  Instructions for ordering will be distributed at Open House and posted in your parent portal.  Late orders are not guaranteed to arrive in time for our show or for the NC Yam Festival Parade.  

NC YAM FESTIVAL PARADE FLOAT:  SDC annually sponsors a float in our hometown NC Yam Festival Parade.  All SDC students are invited to ride our float.  Students under age 5 must ride with an adult.  Everyone riding (adults and students) must have a CURRENT (this year's) SDC shirt.  Orders must be placed by the student's parent from our online store no later than September 14. Instructions for ordering will be distributed at OPEN HOUSE and posted in the parent portal.  Late orders are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the festival.  

NUTCRACKER:  SDC ballet students are exclusively offered the opportunity to perform in the largest professional production of the Nutcracker in southeastern North Carolina.  Certain ballet classes are designated "Nutcracker" classes.  These classes rehearse Nutcracker choreographer the first half of the year, and spring recital choreography the second half of the year.  Participation in the Nutcracker is not mandatory for ballet students.  Students opting not to perform in the Nutcracker will not perform in the Christmas Show.  They WILL perform in the spring recital.  If your child is interested in performing in the Nutcracker, we recommend enrolling in ballet class at the beginning of the year to reserve her spot.

CLASS PLACEMENT: Ages listed on classes are general guidelines.  Students will be placed in classes according to age AND/OR ability and experience. Students may be moved from one class to another according to progress and effort. Likewise, the director reserves the right to place a student in a lower level class if the student cannot perform sufficient technical skills for the higher level. The instructor is trained to access this ability and/or progression.

STUDIO CLOSINGS: We are closed for the following holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.  A schedule of closings will be posted on our Parent Portal and Social Media pages.  

We DO NOT FOLLOW SCHOOL SCHEDULE. In the case of inclement weather, log into the Parent Portal for an announcement, check our facebook  page for updates, or call the studio for a recording on whether or not classes will be held. Cancellation of classes due to weather, or staff illness may or may not be rescheduled depending on the number of weeks in the month and director discretion.

TUITION: Tuition is due monthly from SEPTEMBER THROUGH MAY. Classes are not held after the recital, which is usually scheduled mid month. May tuition, however, covers recital production expenses. There are no refunds for missed lessons, and tuition remains the same no matter how many weeks are in the month.

30 minute classes: $28 per month

45 minute classes: $35 per month

Tuition is due by the 10th of each month September-May.   There is a $10.00 late fee for tuition paid after the 10th of the month. Parents are expected to figure these late fees into their check if paying after the first week of the month. Late fees will accumulate, and roll over monthly. All accounts must be paid in full in order for the student to participate in extra dance expenses (ie. dance pictures, costume orders) and any performances.   PLEASE NOTE: LATE FEES WILL APPLY EVEN IF THE STUDENT IS ABSENT FROM CLASS WHEN TUITION IS DUE.

Students will not be allowed to remain in class if tuition is not paid after one month or special arrangements have not been made. All returned checks will be charged a $25 handling fee.

Tuition may be payed by cash, check, debit, mastercard or visa in the studio or online via our parent portal.


2 classes……………………………………………………………$2.00 off monthly total

3 classes……………………………………………………………$3.00 off monthly total

4 classes……………………………………………………………$4.00 off monthly total

5 classes……………………………………………………………$5.00 off monthly total

Family Discount……………………………………………………$2.00 off monthly total


SHOES: All shoes must fit the student’s foot. Shoes should not be purchased with “growing room.” Shoes that slip on a students heel or do not fit properly are dangerous and will not be allowed.

◾Leotards or form fitting tank tops are recommended, dance pants or dance shorts are required in all classes.
◾Please no street clothes.  Students should not come to dance in their school uniform.
◾Shoes must be the specific brand, style and color listed on our shoe requirements.  No off brand shoes allowed.  Younger students, especially, are required to wear thin socks or tights to make changing shoes easier.  

◾Hair must be pulled neatly away from the face.
◾Long hair should be secured in a pony tail or bun.

STUDIO TOPS/MERCHANDISE: All students are required to purchase SDC dance tops. These tops will be worn as uniforms during the mid-year performance, and may also be worn for class. Other SDC merchandise will be available (ie. bags, dance shorts, t-shirts, etc.) Parents must order SDC merchandise from our studio's online store.  Links to our store and ordering information will be provided at open house.  

COSTUMES: Costumes are ordered by the studio director for each class to wear in the annual spring recital. A non-refundable costume deposit of $25 per class will be due with or before October tuition. The costume balance must be paid in full with November tuition. FAILURE TO PAY THE COSTUME BALANCE IN FULL WILL RESULT IN YOUR CHILD’S COSTUME NOT BEING ORDERED. Late payments are not accepted.  Sizes are ordered according to studio measurements and pre-determined company charts. Any alterations necessary are the responsibility of the parent. COSTUME FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: SDC will present a studio wide mid-year show in December. Current SDC tanks will be worn as uniforms for this performance. Students are also expected to participate in the annual year end spring recital held at South Columbus High School. A mandatory dress rehearsal will be held before the recital. Select students will perform at area festivals and community functions.

YAM FESTIVAL PARADE: Students and parents are invited to ride on the SDC sponsored float in the NC Yam Festival parade. Students and adults participating must wear a current (from this year) SDC item (tank, t-shirt, or sweatshirt).

STUDIO MONTHLY PAYMENT PROCEDURE: All parents are encouraged and expected to utilize our PARENT PORTAL to make easy and convenient online payments.  This is the best way to keep up with your account.  You can see all transactions, fees posted and payments made from the portal.  If paying in person at the studio, all business should be conducted at the office window. Late tuition payments (with late fees included) should be handed to the instructor at the dance room door between classes. Please understand the instructor has very limited time between classes to conduct business. We encourage the use of our Parent Portal to make tuition payments.  

◾Do not enter the dance room during instruction.
◾Restrooms are not available during class.
◾Please do not bring children any earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class time. The waiting area is small and space is limited.
◾Students are to remain inside the studio facility at all times.
◾As the instructor cannot supervise students in the waiting area, parents are expected to pick students up promptly when their class is over. Students may not be left unattended in the waiting area during breaks between classes. 
◾Students should have used the restroom and be ready to dance upon arriving at the studio.
◾No smoking is allowed on the premises.
◾No gum is allowed in the dance room. 
◾All dance shoes, bags, and accessories should be clearly labeled with first and last names after being approved by the instructor.

PARENT OBSERVATIONS: Parents and/or guardians may observe classes during the FIRST week of November and March only.

SDC ALLSTAR DANCE TEAMS: The SDC All Star Dance Teams are composed of students who are chosen by auditions held during the summer. Auditions are open to new and returning students. The teams serve as performing representatives of the studio at community events and competitions. More information about the Allstar dance teams is available upon request.

COMPETITION GROUPS: Competitive hip hop, tap, and jazz (Allstar) groups are chosen by audition during our summer audition clinic. These groups will have extra practices for extra fees during competition season.

INSURANCE: All students must be covered by their family health insurance. SDC does not carry health insurance for it’s students and will not be held responsible for damages and/or injuries which may be sustained by the student.

STUDIO ANNOUNCEMENTS: Important business and reminders are posted in the Parent Portal, emailed, posted on our social media pages and on the board in the studio lobby each week. Written notices are not sent home. Feel free to discuss any problem you may have, or ask about your child’s progress over the phone or in person AFTER CLASS HOURS. Please understand that your ideas are important, but valuable teaching time must not be sacrificed for these conversations.

STUDIO WAITING AREA: The studio lobby is a small area. It is not intended as a play area. Parents and children are expected to keep noise to a minimum, including conversation. For their safety, please do not allow children to play in the windows.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Year long private lessons (solo/duet/trios) are available on a limited basis for the purpose of competition. These lessons are offered on a first come, first served basis as room in the schedule is limited.  These private opportunities are offered only to competitive students who are enrolled in all (minimum of 4) available competitive group classes.  Choreography for pageants, talent shows, and other SHORT term projects are offered separately and are a separate fee payable to the instructor for each lesson. Solo choreography will only be performed in the main recital show by graduating Senior dancers. More information on Senior Solo projects is available upon request. Year long solo/duet/trios may be performed in the recital pre-show.