Southside Dance Center Curriculum

Preschool Dance (ages 2.5-3)

A semi-disciplined class in body awareness, motor coordination, rhythm, and very basic fundamentals in dance technique.  Students will enjoy creative movement activities, and delight in improvisational movement games.  Preschoolers are exposed to dance class etiquette while they learn the beginnings of ballet poise and experience the excitement of tap!  (Ballet and tap shoes required)

Preschool Gymnastics (ages 2.5-3)

A semi-disciplined class in locomotor skills, rhythm, and very basic tumbling.  Students will enjoy creative movement activities, improvisational games, and learn the beginnings of acrobatics with the use of mini balance beam, mini trampoline, and various professional grade mats. 

Ballet (ages 4-up)

Graded classes using Russian and Italian methods.  Classes will include barre, centerwork, adagio, and variations.  Students will learn body/arm positions, ballet techniques, French terminology, and proper ballet etiquette.  SDC feels that ballet training is essential for every dancer. 

Tap (ages 4-up)

Graded classes in all levels.  Class will be divided with time allotted for warm-ups, centerwork, individual locomotor practice, combinations, and cool-down.  Students will learn tap technique and will be exposed to a varity of steps.  Students will learn to perform with clear percussive syncopation and to improvise using the “call and answer” method of dancing. 

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo (ages 4-5)

This class is a combination of the beginnings of jazz technique and the fun of hip hop for our little dancers.  The class will include warm ups, isolation exercises, locomotor activities, stretching, and fun choreography done to popular edited and age appropriate music.  This is a favorite class among all dancers-boys and girls!

Jazz (Kindergarten-up)

Graded classes in all levels.  The class will be divided with time allotted for adequate warm-up, isolation exercises, stretching, locomotor activities, combinations and cool-down.  Jazz class is a favorite of all dance students and is done to popular edited and age appropriate music.  

Hip Hop (Kindergarten-up)

Hip Hop classes include the latest and most up to date dance styles that incorporate many popping, accented and low level isolations.  Often referred to as “street style” dance, and made popular by movies, music videos and tv shows, it is another favorite for everyone-boys and girls!!  Parents can be confident that SDC uses only edited and family friendly music in our classes.  

Gymnastics (ages 4-up)

Our gymnastics program focuses on flexibility, tumbling skills, and building strength and stamina.  Students progress on an individual basis as they are exposed to and taught acrobatic and floor tumbling skills.  Work on professional mats, mini balance beam, and mini trampoline are included in the class. Gymnastics skills make  dancers better performers! 

Praise Dance (3rd grade-up)

These lyrical/contemporary classes expand ballet and jazz techniques, combining them together into combinations that express emotion through movement.  They are divided by age and ability, and share the common goal of uplifting and worshiping the Lord Jesus through interpretive and liturgical movement.  These classes are intended to offer the student an opportunity to respond to God with their whole being, and to move beyond verbal expressions to a fuller experience and relationship with God.  Students will learn choreography that will praise and worship the Lord Jesus and that when performed with the sincerity and spiritual discernment that worship requires, will bring to life the Christian message.  Students will be exposed to scripture and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Pointe (with teacher approval only)

A highly disciplined class for the accomplished ballet student.  Students must be at least 9 years old, and have had ballet training, and/or be auditioned by the instructor.  The class is a continuation of ballet training “en pointe.” 


SDC offers solo, duet, and trio year long lessons to dancers who meet certain criteria.  Space in the schedule is limited and is reserved for SDC students only.  Inquire now if you are interested.